Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bird Suet Cakes Q&A: Are you a bird lover?

Question by Bird watcher: Are you a bird lover?
I love to watch the birds in my yard, my favorites are the bluebirds and the orioles. I usually have two suet cakes hanging from a shepards hook for them the feed on. The last couple of days though something has managed to knock the feeders down and eat the entire suet cake, do you think this could be those pesty bluejays or something else. We live on 5 acres with lots of trees around and lots of wildlife. If you think it is the bluejays which are very agreesive then do you have suggestions on how to get rid of them?

Best answer:

Answer by dsgrieve
We had an Indigo Bunting the other day. What a treat!
We’ve also had Orioles and Grossbeak. We set out orange slices for them.

It could be racoons or it could be a bear that knocked down your feeder and made off with the suet. At this time of year, and until winter sets in, it is best to bring your feeders in at night.

Instead of getting rid of the bluejays, why not set up a platform feeder for them?

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