Saturday, September 29, 2012

Love Birds Is it possible for my love birds to catch kennel cough?

Question by Rain W: Is it possible for my love birds to catch kennel cough?
We decided to adopt a 1.5yr old cocker spaniel/poodle(cockerpoo) from the local animal shelter. His owner brought him in the day before. The animal shelter requires a ten day waiting period before you can take him home.During one of our visits with him, we realized he was coughing and sneezing. The staff informed us that he has developed kennel cough from other dogs and/or cats in the kennel. And that a trip to the vet and given meds he would be fine in a few weeks. Also to keep him away from other dogs and cats until he is better. I know that kennel cough is an airborn virus, which is how he caught it. BUT are dogs and cats the only animals who could catch this? I have a pair of love birds at home. Are they safe from kennel cough?

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Answer by a.j.l
uhh…. love birds as in peeple? then no. love birds as in real birds? then, yes

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