Friday, September 28, 2012

Birds Eye Q&A: Picture of an Office Desk birds eye view?

Question by Ekamai: Picture of an Office Desk birds eye view?
I want to make an office desk interface for my website. I need a picture that has a birds eye view of an office desk (looking down at the top of an office desk). Does anyone know of anywhere to find this kind of picture or any programs that are free and easy to create this kind of pic or ones that may already contain desks in them that you can look down on in the game or program???
i mean a real picture or a drawing or animation. Something that shows the view of a person if they were to be looking down on a desk.

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Answer by primus678
i’ve been looking and i can’t come across anything.. find someone online that can take a picture of theirs and send it to you.. i’d take a picture of mine but its a mess! :) Good luck.

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