Friday, July 27, 2012

Thorn Birds Q&A: Does anyone out there think that "Thorn Birds" involves pedophilia?

Question by NinaPina: Does anyone out there think that “Thorn Birds” involves pedophilia?
I have been watching the mini series ‘The Thorn Birds”. I thought it would be about love. However, from the first couple of hours, I am getting the feeling that Father Ralph is really a pedophile. He spends way to much time with Meggie, allows her to sleep in the next room at the rectory, Mary is jealous of the relationship, and people are beginning to talk. Has anyone who has seen the series agree? I would appreciate your thoughts.

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Answer by Couman
You can read a summary on Wikipedia if you want (be warned, it’s actually rather detailed an spoiler-filled.) But to answer your question, they do have a (rather tragic) sexual relationship but not until she’s an adult.

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