Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cockatiel Birds How can i get my cockatiel birds to be less shy?

Question by King Prince: How can i get my cockatiel birds to be less shy?
my birds are really shy and afraid of everything. i’ve never taken them out of my cage and i don’t because they make a lot of mess with their feathers and they are afraid so im worried that they’d fly into something and hurt themselves. how can i get them to be less shy without taking them out of the cage?

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Answer by dolphin3212
it takes alot of work. you have to keep the cage in the room you will be in the most for one. put an extra mirror in the cage and switch the toys often so they see new things are o.k. and talk to them alot. when you are ready to take it a step farthur, either you or someone experienced should clip their wings so they cant fly and hurt themselves but you need to give them alot of interaction.

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