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Finch Bird Feeders How can I attract gold finches to my bird feeders?

Question by : How can I attract gold finches to my bird feeders?
I have several bird feeders in my backyard. Some contain sunflower seed, some contain wild bird mix, and two of them contain thistle (they’re the long, skinny, cylinder type).
Lots of birds come to my feeders, but very seldom do I see gold finches.
What can I do to attract them?

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Answer by Archaeopteryx
Gold finches eat thistle seeds, as well as black sunflower seeds, so including them in your feeder is a great idea. Gold finch predators may be present in the neighborhood, which would drive them away.

Goldfinches feed primarily on weed seeds, and sometimes insects when they are available. For this reason, goldfinches love weedy fields, orchards, open woodlands, thickets and roadsides, especially if they contain patches of thistle and sunflowers. In other words, they may prefer eating these seeds right off the plant, instead of in a feeder, so you could plant some of these plants near the bird feeder.

Here’s a map of the presence of the American Goldfinch:

Yellow = Summer only
Blue = Winter only
Green = Year round

So, it really depends on where you live and what time of the year it is. Hope this helps. :)

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