Monday, February 27, 2012

Cockatiel COCKATIEL ????????????????

Question by dude: COCKATIEL ????????????????
how expensive is a cockatiel including the accessories like cage and toys and the cockatiel itself?

Best answer:

Answer by nottrina
it depends..

- are you getting a handfed cockatiel or one that is not handfed?
- how big a cage are you getting?
- what kind of cockatiel mutation are you interested in?
- exactly how many toys are you willing to buy (tiels arent really into toys btw..)

there are so many things you didnt cover in your question. its difficult to give you a good answer.

but if you are getting a cockatiel (or any kind of bird), the price of everything shouldnt really matter. you arent getting some cute little thing to play with once in a while. you are getting a companion that will spend the next 10-20 years with you.

you choose a bird that will best fit your lifestyle, and everything that will give your bird a comfortable life. the cost of it all shouldnt be a concern.

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