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Bird Facts Q&A: What are some important bird habits/traits/facts?

Question by Maggie: What are some important bird habits/traits/facts?
I need to know some common bird traits and habits.
For example, the fact that they sing in the morning because they are calling to mates, and that baby birds have a tooth that helps them hatch.

Not random facts, but important, commonplace traits of birds.

Best answer:

Answer by Miss Kayla
Birds make their own nest by weaving a bunch of sticks together and they use their feathers, too. Some birds make there nest upside down to keep the predators, like snakes, out. The female birds eat the baby droppings and that keeps the nest clean.

Birds use feathers to fly. If the outer layer of feathers gets damaged, the birds will not be able to fly. Birds don’t have arms, but they have feet that they use to cling to branches.

Birds eat all kinds of things like worms, mice, rats, snakes, and some even eat dead animals. Birds feed their young by eating a worm and then they regurgitate the semi-chewed up worm into the little bird’s mouth.

Some birds like to bite on all kinds of things. They like to bite on shiny things like necklaces, rings, and other things. One day I was holding one of our classroom cockatiels and it bit right through my necklace.

The birds help humans a lot. Some help keep pests away and some keep the snakes out of your garden. Since some birds prey on rats and mice, they help keep there numbers down.

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